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Ensuring effective responsiveness from Start to Finish

Wasman is your guaranteed solution to handle the communication pathway, to show the workflows and data for every request from the moment they're opened to the moment they're closed


Report incidents and add supporting information using the Wasman System


Our Analyst's collate, generate reports and publish


Wasman Journals developed and disseminated to Heads of Departments, Authorities and actions tracked


Better Communities Build a Better World

Download or reach out to learn more about Wasman for your Government.


Benefits of Wasman

  • Expands and diversifies opportunities for citizens to engage with the Government and other service providers in ways that bypass traditional intermediaries.


  • Reduces the costs of participation by tapping into existing technology, reducing leg work

  • e.g., travel, be present at fixed times, incur venue costs both for the citizens and the intervention


  • Quickly produces and disseminates accessible data by taking advantage of cloud-based technologies where results can be collated in a central database near instantaneously, and that same central database can be queried by managers, stakeholders, and even end-users in real-time.


  • A ‘glare effect’ of using digital tools to draw attention to causes.

Don't hate, participate.

We're against corruption, but we're not really about pointing fingers and exposing corrupt officials. We're here because we want to solve something and help fix a system of governance that was built before the internet was invented! We are data-driven, people-centered, and have absolutely zero tolerance for corruption and inefficiency.

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