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Be the Voice of Change

&  build Sustainable  Communities through 


Wasman is for the everyday Citizen, district management team, and town council which is focused on building strong communities. 

Try the most trusted, simplest way to "get things fixed" both where you live and work. Our smooth web and mobile app services help people, and governments build more transparent, collaborative, and happy communities.

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By using Wasman,  the general public can send incident reports in real-time on government service delivery systems such as Rural Aid, post-medical supplies shortages, Crime, Primary School incidents, Garbage issues, Washed away bridges, Robberies etc…

This Reports are captured by Government 

Citizens can also check the status of their reports, communicate with relevant authorities about the incidents, and make suggestions and Track Government Service Delivery


Using Wasman, citizens are keeping the Government in check and also act as whistleblowers.


By reporting Crime issues, awareness can ignite change and help the government effectively monitor and review current systems and identify any potential loop holes. Wasman give you, 'the everyday citizen' the power to ensure a better future.

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Follow up
All incidents are color-coded,
green for incident resolved; yellow for in-progress & Red for unresolved. Using these codes citizens can follow up on the status of their respective reports and verify through photos uploaded by officials as verification that the incident
is resolved.

Keep the Government in Check to some degree



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